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Access and inclusion


Our aim is to make sure you have all the information you need to enjoy RISING and that you feel welcome whether you use a mobility aid or cane, assistance animal, or you are bringing a companion.

We also recommend visiting for the most up-to-date information on accessible transport to your event of choice.

Venues where access conditions are more challenging, such as at older or heritage listed buildings, can be identified by the symbol for Assisted Access as described below. If you have access needs or hold a Companion Card and want to book a ticket for your Companion, contact our Customer Service team on 03 9662 4242 or via

If you require access support for travelling to any of our venues, please contact Travelers Aide and they will help you organise your transportation. All costs will need to be covered by the patron.

Venue Pages Access Information

Each event page links to its respective venue page under the main details at the top of the listing. On venue pages you will find the following details:

  • Direct venue contact details
  • Nearby accessible parking options
  • Nearby accessible drop-off points
  • The closest wheelchair-accessible tram and train stops
  • The approximate distance covered by a participant to complete the experience
  • The location of accessible entrances and bathrooms
  • Hearing augmentation available in the venue
  • Intra-site transport options available within the venue
  • Dog-rest areas

In April, we will be providing filmed venue guides to and from venues across the festival.

We also recommend visiting journey for the most up-to-date accessible transport services to your event of choice.

Physical Accessibility


This symbol indicates assistance from a Companion is necessary for wheelchair users to navigate the space. Please see the Access Information section of the event page and Venue pages for Assisted Access details for that venue and contact our customer service team to arrange a free companion assistance ticket along with your booking.


Venues with a wheelchair accessible icon have an accessible bathroom, if a venue has no icon the space may not have an accessible bathroom or may not be accessible for another reason. In all cases we recommend you read the detailed venue access information for each venue.


Tactile tours are available to people who are blind or have low vision to equitably access and enjoy arts and cultural events in theatres, galleries, museums and public spaces and can benefit people with Autism, multisensory or learning disabilities, and are offered at a time during the exhibition or event period, or prior to a performance.

With a trained describer guide attendees can journey through different physical spaces to understand dimension, layout and scale, interact with different objects to feel shape, texture and weight and have the opportunity to meet with different artists or people discussing and sharing their work.

Tactile tour services delivered by Vitae Veritas.


Most RISING venues are wheelchair accessible. Where the wheelchair symbol can be found on an event page, then the venue has indicated to RISING that they are wheelchair accessible. Look out for the symbol on the event pages.

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