RISING is a festival of new art, music, and performance, in the heart of Naarm/Melbourne.

The festival returns 01 — 16 June 2024.

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A message on the Middle East

Thu 11 April

The ongoing crisis in Gaza has left us profoundly distressed, particularly the unconscionable loss of life, destruction, displacement, and inhumane conditions facing civilians, including starvation. While we grieve for all those who have been killed in Palestine and Israel, the situation demands the Israeli government heed the international community's intensifying calls for an immediate and permanent ceasefire to address the critical humanitarian crisis being inflicted on millions of Palestinian civilians.

The impact of this crisis has been far-reaching, resonating within our own arts community here in Australia and beyond. We recognise art is inherently political and support the right to freedom of expression and self-determination, however, we’ve observed with great concern an increasing culture of online harassment which has led to a severe erosion of respectful dialogue.

Free expression and dissent are cornerstone values of the arts, historically celebrated and vital to preserve.

As a festival in Naarm/Melbourne, we aim to create a program that mirrors the complexity of our city and its multiplicity of views and lived experiences. We believe in cultural protest and open discourse as critical tools for progress; however, we do not tolerate bullying, discrimination, or racism on our platforms.

Hannah Fox & Gideon Obarzanek, RISING Co-Artistic Directors and Chief Executives

A message on our funding

Fri 12 April

Recently, there has been some speculation regarding our sources of funding. In response, we have engaged in numerous challenging yet productive discussions about various forms of arts funding with artists, staff, and stakeholders. We are committed to maintaining transparency and will continue to participate in respectful dialogues with all who are willing to engage.

To eliminate any doubt, RISING is a not-for-profit organisation primarily funded by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and Visit Victoria. The festival also receives support from several individual donors, corporate and philanthropic partners.

All festival partners are publicly listed on our Partners page. This list is comprehensive.

Our fundraising policy, including our due diligence framework, is also publicly available to read.

Hannah Fox & Gideon Obarzanek, RISING Co-Artistic Directors and Chief Executives


Q. What is RISING?
A. RISING is Victoria's flagship festival of new art, music, performance held in June each year in the heart of Naarm/Melbourne.

Q. How is the festival funded?
A. RISING is funded by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and Visit Victoria. We also receive support through City of Melbourne, as well as a range of sponsors and donors.

Q. Which philanthropic foundations are supporting RISING?
A. For 2024, RISING is in receipt of support from five philanthropic foundations. These are Bowness Family Foundation, Playking Foundation, Robert Salzer Foundation, Canny Quine Foundation and John Truscott Foundation. Read more about RISING’s partners.

Q. Who are RISING’s media partners?
A. For 2024, RISING’s media partners are Triple R, Broadsheet, Concrete Playground and Rock Posters.

Q. When is the next RISING?
A. RISING returns on the first day of winter—01 — 16 June 2024.

Q. I’m not sure if RISING is for me. What kind of events will be in the program?
A. RISING is for everyone. From visual art, performance and public art installations to live music and parties, we have all kinds of experiences for you to enjoy whatever you’re into.

Q. Who is curating the festival?
A. Hannah Fox and Gideon Obarzanek are RISING’s co-Artistic Directors and Chief Executives. They lead a diverse team of national and international arts professionals in programming the festival including Senior Curators Kimberley Moulton and Grace Herbert, Head of Music Hayley Percy and Melbourne Art Trams Curator Jarra Karalinar Steel.

Q. I would like to volunteer, intern or work for RISING. How do I apply?
A. Thank you for your interest! We advertise employment opportunities on our Jobs page and will be advertising any volunteering opportunities on our social channels (follow us Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and via email (subscribe here).

Q. I’m an artist who’s keen to be part of RISING. How can I submit my work and ideas for consideration?
A. RISING prides itself on commissioning Australian and particularly First Nations and Victorian work to be programmed alongside our international offerings. We do regular artist callouts through our newsletter and social channels. Subscribe and follow to stay updated.

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  • SPARK by Daan Roosegaarde, 2023. PHOTO: Ash Caygill
  • SEEING IS BELIEVING BUT FEELING IS THE TRUTH by Paul Yore, Golden Square 2022. PHOTO: Remi Chauvin
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray, Sydney Theatre Company, 2022. PHOTO: Daniel Boud
  • rarrirarri by The Mulka Project with Mulkuṉ Wirrpanda, Shadow Spirit 2023. PHOTO: Christo Crocker
  • Sampa the Great, 2022. PHOTO: Ian Laidlaw
  • MONOCHORD by Robin Fox, 2022. PHOTO: Eugene Hyland
  • Manifesto by Stephanie Lake Company, 2022. PHOTO: Sam Roberts and Roy Vandervegt
  • Ethel Cain, 2023. PHOTO: Ian Laidlaw
  • TANZ by Florentina Holzinger, 2023. Photo: Nada Žgank
  • 10,000 Kazoos by Ciaran Frame, 2023. PHOTO: Shannyn Higgins
  • Anthem by Wu Tsang feat. Beverly Glenn Copeland, 2023. PHOTO: Shannyn Higgins
  • Cornelius, 2023. PHOTO: Izzie Austin
  • Euphoria by Julian Rosefeldt, 2023. PHOTO: Ian Laidlaw
  • Harvey Sutherland, 2022. PHOTO: Izzie Austin
  • Multitud by Tamara Cubas, 2022. PHOTO: Michelle Li
  • Still Lives: Melbourne, 2022. PHOTO: Michelle Li

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