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Access and inclusion


Quiet spaces are intended to be used as a de-stressing, recovery space for sensory overwhelm. They will have a low light impact, be comfortable, away from the public, and not a social space. They can be used by anyone who needs them.

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Quiet Hours and Quiet Cycles are designed to be inclusive of folks who prefer or need their environemnts to be more accomodating of sensory processing differences. This include autistic and adhd people, but is not limited to any specific group. More relaxed art experiences can benefit a whole range of audiences, and would encourage all curious people to book for these sessions.

We encourage people to bring what they need to be comfortable. Such as headphones/headsets, blankets or pillows, sunglasses, and digital or stim devices.

What will be different? The light and sound will be lower, there will be appropriately briefed staff on site, there will be a quiet space available for those who need it, and documents detailing the experience, content advice, and social permissions will be made available closer to the festival.

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Open to everyone, these RISING sessions have been specifically designed to create a safe and welcoming environment for people who feel they might benefit from a more relaxed environment. These can be ideal for Autistic folks, and neurodivergent folks in general. But also those living with anxiety and depression, who have highly emotionally demanding work who want a lower sensory impact performance, or those who feel alienated by the standard audience expectations.


A sensory map is a simple way to identify areas of events where there are potentially overwhelming sensory experiences – loud, smelly, bright, crowded - and where to find quieter, calmer areas. RISING will provide sensory maps for several RISING events and venues closer to the festival.


RISING will provide short descriptions of a particular situations and events, which explain what to expect in that situation and why.

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