Access Services 2024

For information on Companion Cards, National Relay Service, Experience Filters or access feedback, please visit the 2024 Access page.

Access Services Request

This year, RISING is offering several access services for different program items. Some program items have access already included. For other items, we are asking you to contact us with your Access Services Request. If you want to attend an event, please contact us by email or phone to let us know when you want to attend.

We have listed all of the services available per show on this Access Services Request page with proposed dates and sessions for you to review. The request form is open until Fri 26 April.

Based on your responses, we will confirm the final date and session times. We will contact you with details of when they are happening via a phone call or email with a direct booking link.

Quick jump to the service you’re looking for using the hyperlinks:

Assisted Listening

Audio Description

Tactile Tours

Auslan Interpretation

Sensory Spaces

Relaxed Performances

Access Packs, including Sensory Maps, Social Stories

Venue Access Information, including Wheelchair Access, Assisted Access, Traveller’s Aide


This symbol indicates an event venue has a hearing loops or assistive listening system available to assist you if you are hard of hearing. These systems transmit sound from the event directly through your hearing aid or through venue-provided headphones. We have added information on hearing loops and captioning on venue pages. We recommend you contact the venue directly for specific information on or assistance with listening services.

AUDIO DESCRIPTION Audio Described Tours

Audio description (AD) is the auditory narration of visual aspects of live events, theatre performances, exhibitions, tours and media such as film and video. AD is prepared and delivered by qualified audio describers. Provided during gaps in dialogue, AD is a tool that enhances access to people who are blind or have low vision and can benefit people with Autism, multisensory or learning disabilities.


Counting and Cracking | Sat 22 June, 1pm

ANITO | Sat 8 June, 2pm

You, Beauty | Sat 8 June, 2.30pm and 4pm

Big Name, No Blankets | Sun 2 June, 7pm

Email or call 03 9662 4242 to express your interest for this service.


Tactile tours are available to people who are blind or have low vision to equitably access and enjoy arts and cultural events in theatres, galleries, museums and public spaces and can benefit people with Autism, multisensory or learning disabilities, and are offered at a time during the exhibition or event period, or prior to a performance.

With a trained describer guide attendees can journey through different physical spaces to understand dimension, layout and scale, interact with different objects to feel shape, texture and weight and have the opportunity to meet with different artists or people discussing and sharing their work.


ANITO | Sat 8 June, 1pm

You, Beauty | Sat 8 June, 2pm

Email or call 03 9662 4242 to express your interest for this service.


RISING is providing Auslan Interpreted tours and Interpreted sessions for specific events across the festival program. Look for the Auslan symbol displayed on the event page and check the Access information section for details.


Crip Rave Theory | Sat 15 June, timings TBC

FOOD | Sun 2 June, 1pm

Gurr Era Op | Thu 15 June, 7.30pm

You, Beauty | Fri 14 June, 5pm and 6.30pm

COLLABORATOR: A work in progess | - Thu 13 June, 7.30pm

Email or call 03 9662 4242 to express your interest for this service.



For these events, captions are displayed on a screen for those of you who prefer to read what is being said. Check the Access Services section on each event page for dates of captioned performances and details about Captioning.

Counting and Cracking | Sat 08 June, 1pm and Fri 14 June, 7pm

HEAR MY EYES : Hellraiser | Mon 10 June, 3pm

Email or call 03 9662 4242 to express your interest for this service.

Sensory spaces

Sensory spaces are intended to be used as a de-stressing, recovery space for sensory overwhelm. They will have a low light impact, be comfortable, away from the public, and not a social space. They can be used by anyone who needs them.


Big Name, No Blankets | Fri 31 May, 6.15—11pm. Sat 1 June, 4.15—10.15pm, Sun 2 June, 4.30—9.30pm

Crip Rave Theory | Sat 15 June, 4—12pm

Day Tripper | Sat 08 June, 12—8.30pm | View Social Story

Eclipse | Fri 31 May, 6.15—11pm. Sat 1 June, 4.15—10.15pm, Sun 2 June, 4.30—9.30pm

Hear My Eyes : Hellraiser | Sun 09 June, 5.30—11.30pm. Mon 10 June, 2.30—8.30pm

Moktar | Sat 08 June, 8.30pm—1am

You, Beauty | Wed 5 June 5pm, 6.30pm, 8pm. Wed 12 June 5pm, 6.30pm, 8pm. Fri 14 June 5pm, 6:30pm, 8pm

Email or call 03 9662 4242 to express your interest for this service.


Open to everyone, these RISING sessions have been specifically designed to create a safe and welcoming environment for people who feel they might benefit from a more relaxed environment. These can be ideal for Autistic folks, and neurodivergent folks in general. But also those living with anxiety and depression, who have highly emotionally demanding work who want a lower sensory impact performance, or those who feel alienated by the standard audience expectations.


Gurr Era Op | Sun 16 June, 5pm

COLLABORATOR: A work in progess | Sun 16 June, 5pm


The First Bad Man | Thu 13 June, 6pm and 9pm, Sat 15 June, 9pm performances will include relaxed elements

Email or call 03 9662 4242 to express your interest for this service.

Access Packs

Closer to the festival, RISING will make downloadable access packs for all RISING events. These packs will include:

Dates, times, location and event details

Detailed content warnings and technical effects

Venue access information

Access services information

Social story for non-traditional venue spaces and events eg. Day Tripper at Melbourne Town Hall

Sensory Maps for exhibitions and special events

Show information: synopsis, performers

Contact us

What is a sensory map?
A sensory map is a simple way to identify areas of events where there are potentially overwhelming sensory experiences—loud, smelly, bright, crowded—and where to find quieter, calmer areas. RISING will provide sensory maps for several RISING events closer to the festival.

What is a social story? RISING will provide short descriptions of a particular situations and events, which explain what to expect in that situation and why.

Venue Access

Our aim is to make sure you have all the information you need to enjoy RISING and that you feel welcome whether you use a mobility aid or cane, assistance animal, or you are bringing a companion.

We also recommend visiting for the most up-to-date information on accessible transport to your event of choice.


All RISING venues are wheelchair accessible. Where the wheelchair symbol can be found on an event page, then the venue has indicated to RISING that they are wheelchair accessible. Look out for the symbol on the event pages.


This symbol indicates assistance from a Companion is necessary for wheelchair users to navigate the space. Please see the Access Information section of the event page and Venue pages for Assisted Access details for that venue and contact our customer service team to arrange a free companion assistance ticket along with your booking.

Venues where access conditions are more challenging, such as at older or heritage listed buildings, can be identified by the symbol for Assisted Access as described below. If you have access needs or hold a Companion Card and want to book a ticket for your Companion, contact our Customer Service team on 03 9662 4242 or via


If you require access support for travelling to any of our venues, please contact Travelers Aid  and they will help you organise your transportation. All costs will need to be covered by the patron.


Venues with a wheelchair accessible icon have an accessible bathroom, if a venue has no icon the space may not have an accessible bathroom or may not be accessible for another reason. In all cases we recommend you read the detailed venue access information for each venue.

Venue Pages Access Information

Each event page links to its respective venue page under the main details at the top of the listing. On venue pages you will find the following details:

Direct venue contact details

Nearby accessible parking options

Nearby accessible drop-off points

The closest wheelchair-accessible tram and train stops

The approximate distance covered by a participant to complete the experience

The location of accessible entrances and bathrooms

Hearing augmentation available in the venue

Intra-site transport options available within the venue

RISING has a number of video guides to and from venues across Melbourne. You can view them all on Youtube.

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