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Climate change is real. We acknowledge that traditional festival activities have been, by design, unsustainable, and that we can do better.

RISING strives to deliver events with an enduring and balanced approach to environmental responsibility, social progress, cultural consciousness and economic activity. We make decisions as an organisation, balancing the needs of people, planet and profit. We value community, diversity, inclusion, accessibility and sustainability.

RISING is minimising our impact on the environment. We aspire to produce zero waste and are working towards this goal by consuming fewer resources and designing out waste in the first place. With this lens we’re choosing products and services that can contribute to positive social, cultural and economic development.

Even if it’s a bit inconvenient, even if it’s hard, even if we fail, we want to take the lead and engage our event community in the conversation. And each year, we want to continually question the way we do things as we learn and grow.


  • We’re learning from experts, doing our research and upskilling our team to make sustainable choices across all departments
  • We’re aligning our climate-responsible event strategy with science-based targets and globally agreed ambitions
  • We’re scrutinising our supply chains and considering the full impacts of the materials and products we use, as we work towards a more circular economy rather than a linear one
  • We’re developing a Sustainability Action Plan and embedding sustainable considerations into our official project processes
  • We’re leaning into digital preferences over printing, in house, in marketing and with our cashless and ticketing systems
  • We’re approaching our food and beverage offerings as an opportunity to showcase sustainable practice–sustainable farming, fresh, fair and seasonal paddock-to-plate menus, ethically-sourced ingredients always, and minimising single-use plastic in service
  • We’re getting wise with merchandise and uniforms, selling useful, reusable, items and thinking circularity when it comes to festival attire. We’re seeking ethically sourced and manufactured products made from durable and sustainable materials
  • We’re measuring our carbon footprint to analyse our impact, create a baseline of Greenhouse Gas emission boundaries and set goals for reductions and improvements
  • We’re looking into carbon balancing projects to give back to our planet; to restore and regenerate as we rise

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