A Shouse playlist for Communitas

Tue 5 December

SHOUSE made a playlist to prepare us for Communitas.

Communitas is a mass music-making event in St Paul's Cathedral led by the world-conquering party-starters, SHOUSE. Everyone's in the band, including you if you so choose. Sign up below to be part of it in June. In the meantime SHOUSE have put together a playlist that hints at the energy they'll be conducting from the Communitas congregation. It's a daisy-chain of folk, choral harmony, and laid-back reverie. Pop it on and embrace the togetherness.

“Songs of love, songs of spirit, songs to be sung together. There is something ineffable in these songs that compels our spirits to communitas: to come together with one another in song. This playlist is a vision of what we see unfolding in St Paul's Cathedral: from one or two voices to more, a choir, a chorus, a refrain. From the earthly to the transcendental. The local to the universal. The music that bonds us / The love that surrounds us / Our bodies that move us / In communitas.”

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