Epic and intimate performance

Mon 18 March

Whether you want to tweak inside the collective unconscious or see fields of grain bloom beneath your dinner plate, we've got you sorted for intimate and epic performance.


ANITO by Justin Shoulder—$44—$49

Queered Filipino myths surface through dance, installation, masquerade and haute couture costuming. Eligible for the Multi Pass Discount.

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India’s master mentalist is here to plunge into your thoughts and tickle your sense of awe.

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YOU, BEAUTY by Chunky Move—$44—$49

Enter the innermost realm of Chunky Move’s latest work where the walls quiver, and time contorts.

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Cinematic soul from the eclectic R&B star brings, Ugh, Those Feels Again.

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Food by Geoff Sobelle—$80 — $89

The table is set for FOOD—an absurdist dinner party that dines out on the ways and whys of eating.

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ONE SINGLE ACTION by Lucy Guerin Inc—$49

A duo of dancers bridge worlds of internal chaos and outer calm, in a new work helmed by a master of movement.

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First Bad Man by Pan Pan Theatre—$52—$56

A performative book club that lives the fiction of Miranda July’s debauched classic.

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Arkadia by Melanie Lane—$45—$50

A mythic dance-work that imagines life and afterlife in a garden of paradise. By Australian/Javanese choreographer and performer Melanie Lane.

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Counting and Cracking by S.Shakthidharan with Eamon Flack—$62 — $119

A vibrant, three-act epic follows a Sri Lankan family over four generations and five decades, from Colombo to Sydney, and tests the complex strength of family love. Eligible for the Multi Pass Discount.

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ONE SONG HISTOIRE(S) DU THÉÂTRE IV by Miet Warlop—$53 — $69

Clear the gym for ONE SONG, the nonstop track that gets hearts racing.

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ECLIPSE by Cerulean and Stone Motherless Cold—$44—$49

A future-forward drag show that spans the ages—from the Big Bang(er) to the Paleocene. Pick a side and dress to slay.

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Cadela Força Trilogy Chapter I by Carolina Bianchi and Cara De Cavalo—$62—$79

A show that is both a fever dream and worst nightmare, beautiful and grisly.

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Big Name, No Blankets presented with ILBIJERRI Theatre Company—$80—$99

A rock ‘n’ roll story celebrating the trailblazing music icons, Warumpi Band, inspired by tales from founding member Sammy Tjapanangka Butcher.

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The Eora-based DJ and producer fusing house and techno with the music of his Egyptian heritage. It's sold out but you can join the waitlist.

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Evian Christ — Sun 09 June — $49

UK producer Evian Christ brings banging trance anthems and a massive AV show exclusively to RISING.

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8/8/8 : REST by Harriet Gillies, Marcus McKenzie Unfunded Empathy & Collaborators—$88.80

Fasten your PJs and tune your circadian polyrhythms for eight hours of experimental performance about the commodification of rest. Who knows what awaits in the witching hours?

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Burnout Paradise by Pony Cam Collective and Parrot Ox—$35—$39

In an escalating series of tasks performed on four treadmills, Burnout Paradise is a mockery of our struggle to establish boundaries in life and work. Some tasks require assistance from the willing. Pop an isotonic sports drink and help out.

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Day Tripper—$109

A day party orbiting Melbourne Town Hall : 8 hours, 3 stages, 1 ticket. Asha Puthli, Bar Italia, JLIN, MEMORIALS, Yasiin Bey performs MF DOOM and more.

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