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RISING: 01 — 16 June 2024

Week Two At RISING

Mon 6 June

RISING 2022's second week is packed full of music, theatre, food and art. Take a look below for everything showing in week two—it's your last chance to see some of these spectacular shows.

The Wilds — WED 1—SUN 19 JUNE

The Wilds is our moonlit forest of stimulation—a fluoro fantasy of art, sound, taste and ice at a transformed Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

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Hijra'h — THU 9—SUN 12 JUNE

In HIJRA’H, renowned Indonesian dancer and choreographer, Rianto explores gender approaches in dance forms dating back to pre-Islam animism, where transgender spiritual figures were greatly valued.

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The Hole — Thu 9—Sun 12 June

Let’s call a spade a spade. The Hole is a hole. Pick up a shovel and dig. Then fill it back in. Job done.

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Heffernan Lane Night Market — FRI 3 JUNE—SUN 12 JUNE

Nestled just around the corner from Golden Square is our packed food market—a greatest-snacks hit list from beloved Chinatown restaurants.

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MONOCHORD — Wed 1—12 June

Hovering just above the flowing waters of the Birrarung (Yarra River) burns a bright line of light. Robin Fox’s MONOCHORD radically alters a well-known city landscape and makes visible the invisible lines that connect us.

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Maureen : Harbinger of Death — WED 1—SUN 12 JUNE

Jonny Hawkins transforms into Maureen: a razor tongued doyenne with stories to tell, inspired by Hawkins’ friend and self-described “working class glamour queen”.

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Anything & Everything — FRI 3—SUN 12 JUNE

Set in a TV studio, Anything & Everything is a live performance that glimpses into the intimate online and IRL spaces where young people navigate technology, identity, ability, connection and consent.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray — From Sun 5 June

Vanity, beauty, nihilism and sensuality collide with cutting edge tech. Oscar Wilde’s gothic classic, reimagined for the 21st Century.

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Let the cinematic missives of skillful multi-instrumentalist Andy Shauf wash over you in his Australian debut performance.

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A 20-year wait comes to a close. The disco crooner makes his Australian debut.

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Make It Up Club — Tue 7 June

Featuring a lineup of live experimentalists (just announced). Leave your expectation at the door for a night of avant-garde improvised music.

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Ed Kuepper with Jim White — Wed 8 June

Returning after a sold-out first collaboration at RISING 2021, Kuepper returns with the master drummer to perform songs from across his 45-year career.

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Lucy Dacus — WED 8 JUNE

Dacus draws from her teenage journals to explore the anxiety and nostalgia of growing up in Richmond, Virginia—Christian Bible camps, young crushes and dancing in the aisles of the corner store.

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The Dancing Public — WED 8 JUNE

Centuries ago, a dancing plague gripped Europe. Now, following years of lockdowns, an ancient compulsion to move together is spilling over once again from the mind of Danish choreographer, Mette Ingvartsen.

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Single Channel Video — THU 9—SUN 12 JUNE

With echoes of Antiques Roadshow and internet unboxing videos, Single Channel Video sees Geelong’s pioneering Back to Back Theatre conjure an op-shop of the soul filmed live onstage.

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Jim White & Marisa Anderson — Thu 9 June

Jim White joins forces again with guitarist Marisa Anderson, in a follow-on performance from the pair’s collaborative 2020 album The Quickening.

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Midori Takada — Thu 9 June

Theatrical waves of rhythm invoked by a maestro of Japanese percussion. Transcendent solo performance beyond comparison.

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Set Piece — FRI 10—SUN 12 JUNE

Set Piece explores female intimacy through the relationship between screen and stage. The quick-witted script draws on real-life dinner party conversation, improvisation and ‘50s pulp fiction.

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The Invisible Opera — FRI 10—SAT 11 JUNE

As the everyday action of Federation Square unfolds, a voice and an all-seeing eye seemingly choreograph and narrate the environment in real time, instantly bringing into question, what is real and who is watching.

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Annea Lockwood's legendary work performed for the first time in three decades. An epic multichannel concert accompanied by Vanessa Tomlinson.

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Manifesto — Thu 9—Sun 12 June

Nine dancers. Nine drummers. Manifesto is performance stripped back to its bare elements—rhythm and movement, drumming and dancing.

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Boris — Fri 10 June

As part of the Japan in Focus music program, legendary doom trio Boris power through their 2002 classic Heavy Rocks.

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CHAI and Buffalo Daughter — Sat 11 June

New and emerging icons and descendants of Tokyo’s Shibuya-kei scene. Punk attitude with a techno pulse.

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Multitud — SAT 11—SUN 12 JUNE

Seventy people, from different age groups and backgrounds, create a critical mass of collective action.

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In Conversation with Multitud's Tamara Cubas — SAT 11 JUNE

Join choreographer Tamara Cubas for a free, In Conversation event following the opening night of Multitud, where she discusses the making of the work and her practice.

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Hip hop iconoclast Shabazz Palaces is joined by the most special of the special, Stas THEE Boss in this Australian exclusive.

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Dynamic soul and R&B from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Catch TEEKS' distinctly rich, sensuous vocals in the sonorous Elisabeth Murdoch Hall.

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Animals Dancing : DJ Nobu and Kenji Takimi — Sun 12 June

From Melbourne's day party denizens comes a finale befitting RISING's debut run: Japanese techno icon DJ Nobu and anything-goes selector Kenji Takimi

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Piano Transplants — WED 1—SUN 12 JUNE

Piano Burning, Piano Drowning and Piano Garden will see the grand instrument overwhelmed by plants, submerged by water and consumed by fire.

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Golden Square — WED 1—SUN 12 JUNE

Golden Square is RISING’s swirling art car park. Three levels of art, performance, parades and rooftop bars—smack bang in the middle of Chinatown.

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A mesmerising symphony of light, sound and joy, staged in a breathtaking mirror maze.

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