Thu 9 June

Everything going down over three huge festival nights. Epic dance featuring dozens of performers, technical feats of screen and stage, and a closing night party raving into the wee hours.

The Wilds — WED 1—SUN 19 JUNE

The Wilds is our moonlit forest of stimulation—a fluoro fantasy of art, sound, taste and ice at a transformed Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

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A psychedelic lodge inspired by Tin & Ed. Cocktails and good vibes, on a heated deck, overlooking The Wilds.

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Golden Square — WED 1—SUN 12 JUNE

Golden Square is RISING’s swirling art car park. Three levels of art, performance, parades and rooftop bars—smack bang in the middle of Chinatown.

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Hijra'h — THU 9—SUN 12 JUNE

In HIJRA’H, renowned Indonesian dancer and choreographer, Rianto explores gender approaches in dance forms dating back to pre-Islam animism, where transgender spiritual figures were greatly valued.

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Maureen : Harbinger of Death — WED 1—SUN 12 JUNE

Jonny Hawkins transforms into Maureen: a razor tongued doyenne with stories to tell, inspired by Hawkins’ friend and self-described “working class glamour queen”.

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The Invisible Opera — FRI 10—SAT 11 JUNE

As the everyday action of Federation Square unfolds, a voice and an all-seeing eye seemingly choreograph and narrate the environment in real time, instantly bringing into question, what is real and who is watching.

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Multitud — SAT 11—SUN 12 JUNE

Seventy people, from different age groups and backgrounds, create a critical mass of collective action.

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Anything & Everything — FRI 3—SUN 12 JUNE

Set in a TV studio, Anything & Everything is a live performance that glimpses into the intimate online and IRL spaces where young people navigate technology, identity, ability, connection and consent.

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Set Piece — FRI 10—SUN 12 JUNE

Set Piece explores female intimacy through the relationship between screen and stage. The quick-witted script draws on real-life dinner party conversation, improvisation and ‘50s pulp fiction.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray — From Sun 5 June

Vanity, beauty, nihilism and sensuality collide with cutting edge tech. Oscar Wilde’s gothic classic, reimagined for the 21st Century.

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CHAI and Buffalo Daughter — Sat 11 June

New and emerging icons and descendants of Tokyo’s Shibuya-kei scene. Punk attitude with a techno pulse.

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Hip hop iconoclast Shabazz Palaces is joined by the most special of the special, Stas THEE Boss in this Australian exclusive.

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Dynamic soul and R&B from Aotearoa/New Zealand. Catch TEEKS' distinctly rich, sensuous vocals in the sonorous Elisabeth Murdoch Hall.

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Animals Dancing : DJ Nobu and Kenji Takimi — Sun 12 June

From Melbourne's day party denizens comes a finale befitting RISING's debut run: Japanese techno icon DJ Nobu and anything-goes selector Kenji Takimi

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Heffernan Lane Night Market — FRI 3 JUNE—SUN 12 JUNE

Nestled just around the corner from Golden Square is our packed food market—a greatest-snacks hit list from beloved Chinatown restaurants.

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The Hole — Thu 9—Sun 12 June

Let’s call a spade a spade. The Hole is a hole. Pick up a shovel and dig. Then fill it back in. Job done.

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MONOCHORD — Wed 1—12 June

Hovering just above the flowing waters of the Birrarung (Yarra River) burns a bright line of light. Robin Fox’s MONOCHORD radically alters a well-known city landscape and makes visible the invisible lines that connect us.

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Single Channel Video — THU 9—SUN 12 JUNE

With echoes of Antiques Roadshow and internet unboxing videos, Single Channel Video sees Geelong’s pioneering Back to Back Theatre conjure an op-shop of the soul filmed live onstage.

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A Miracle Constantly Repeated — Until 12 June

Hidden for decades, Flinders Street Station’s mysterious ballroom opens its doors for Australia’s pre-eminent visual artist.

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Manifesto — Thu 9—Sun 12 June

Nine dancers. Nine drummers. Manifesto is performance stripped back to its bare elements—rhythm and movement, drumming and dancing.

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Piano Transplants — WED 1—SUN 12 JUNE

Piano Burning, Piano Drowning and Piano Garden will see the grand instrument overwhelmed by plants, submerged by water and consumed by fire.

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Jurrungu Ngan-ga (Straight Talk) — WED 1—SAT 11 JUNE

A mesmerising Marrugeku dance production Jurrungu Ngan-ga reflects on the overrepresentation of First People in custody, and the years-long detention of refugees.

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Masego with Becca Hatch — Fri 10 June

Effortless grooves, crisp snares and rhythmic experiments from two rising stars of R&B.

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Boris — Fri 10 June

As part of the Japan in Focus music program, legendary doom trio Boris power through their 2002 classic Heavy Rocks.

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A mesmerising symphony of light, sound and joy, staged in a breathtaking mirror maze.

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